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COLOP e-mark

COLOP was founded in 1980/81 and headquartered in Wels, Austria. The company is one of the worldwide leading manufacturers of stamps and marking devices. COLOP has a wide distribution network with a presence in 130 markets across the globe, as well as an export rate of 98%. The COLOP Group employs over 550 people worldwide.

In 2019, COLOP took an important step towards a digital future when it launched the COLOP e-mark. COLOP has experienced overwhelmingly positive responses for its innovative product, most notably from award juries. The e-mark has received the Red Dot Award (Honourable Mention), Stationers’ Innovation Excellence Award and, most recently, the IF Design Award and the the European Office Products Award (EOPA) 2020.

After seeing it on social media, reading the PR and flyers and receiving the demonstrations, it's clear to everyone that the COLOP e-mark is an impressive piece of kit, set to take rubber stamps to the next level.
We know that selling technical products can be challenging, which is why we've put together this handy COLOP e-mark Tool Kit to make selling easy. Here you will find everything you need to promote this exciting new product and gain yourself some additional sales.
  • Video Demonstrations
  • Image Video
  • Use Case Video
  • Use Case Video 2
  • Continual Marking
  • Labelsheets
  • Making Imprint
  • Multiline Imprint
  • Numbering
  • Queue
  • Ribbon Guide
  • Switching Imprints
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed